Documents for registration

Trips to our sanatorium are provided free of charge, distributed through children's clinics in Moscow. If the clinic did not have our trips, call us on the contact numbers and we will solve this issue.

A ticket to the Children's sanatorium No. 68 is valid if the following documents are available: & nbsp;

& nbsp;

  • sanatorium-resort card with the results of a general blood test, general urine analysis, feces for worm eggs and scrapings for enterobiosis no more than 1 month old;
  • information about preventive vaccinations. (Form 063 \ U)
  • certificates on the lack of contact with infectious patients within 21 days at the place of residence and / or kindergarten / school (the validity of certificates is no more than 3 days) (see the requirements for registration of the certificate);
  • certificate of a dermatologist or pediatrician on examination for pediculosis and scabies;
  • copies of compulsory health insurance policy;
  • copies of birth certificate;


  1. Clothing and shoes for the season; underwear - 10 sets (T-shirts, tights, socks, underpants), sandals or shoes with a strap, tracksuit, outerwear.

All items must be personally labeled!

  1. & nbsp; For children with enuresis - diapers.
  2. Comb, toothbrush and toothpaste (1 tube), washcloth.

To the attention of parents! If your child, the local pediatrician & nbsp; or another specialist doctor, has been prescribed treatment with medications that must be taken while in our sanatorium:
< / em> It is necessary to provide a statement from the attending physician & nbsp; doctor with recommendations