Rehabilitation treatment

Physiotherapeutic treatment is an integral and essential element of spa treatment. The sanatorium has a powerful, constantly updated physiotherapeutic base.

The rooms are equipped with modern equipment, which allows complex and in accordance with the standards of rehabilitation treatment to carry out physiotherapy and physioprophylaxis, while solving the following problems:

an integrated approach to rehabilitation treatment and medical rehabilitation;
quality, efficiency, implementation of new technologies;
a decrease in the pharmacological load on the children's body.
Physiotherapeutic treatment is represented by the following methods:

climatotherapy: aerotherapy, heliotherapy;
speleotherapy: salt microclimatic chambers “Silvin”;
barotherapy: normobaric hypoxytherapy "Mountain air";
heat therapy: Finnish (dry sauna), Infrared cabin, Cedar barrel, Cedar sauna, combined with phytotherapy;
balneotherapy: dry carbonic bath;
mud therapy;
hydrotherapy: hydromassage baths;
aerosol inhalations with drugs and aromatherapy;
enteral oxygen therapy (oxygen cocktail);
Exercise therapy.
Physiotherapeutic treatment has an analgesic effect, the ability to improve central, peripheral and regional blood circulation, tissue trophism, normalize neurohumoral regulation and impaired immunity reactions, and have anti-inflammatory, calming, and resolving effects. We use physical methods to increase the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors.

IMG 7538Climatotherapy is the use for therapeutic and recreational purposes, the climate. The sanatorium is located in a unique forest zone with healing air from a mixed forest, with a predominance of conifers, which have a slight stimulating effect on the respiratory and circulatory functions, have a good effect on the physiological systems of the child, normalize metabolism, have a hardening effect, and increase immunity.



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Speleotherapy (salt cave) - treatment method in an artificially reproduced microclimate of a salt cave. Its walls, floor and ceiling are made of salt blocks and fragments of the Verkhnekamsk potash deposit formed on the site of the ancient Perm Sea.

Children in the salt cave are in conditions of high concentration of natural multicomponent salt aerosol with a certain temperature and humidity regime, which favorably affects their health.



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Intermittent normobaric hypoxic therapy method “Mountain air”

The mountain climate is good for health. The essence of the method is to simulate mountain climatic conditions, by reducing the oxygen content in the inhaled air. Hypoxia is a key link and one of the powerful incentives for increasing overall resistance, resistance to physical and mental stress. The method is good for residents of large cities.











Electric field UHF-therapy is the most widespread. The spectrum of diseases in which it is used is extensive, since UHF has a powerful anti-inflammatory, sedative and analgesic effect.












Magnetotherapy is the most physiological and gentle type of treatment, since from birth a person is constantly under the influence of the Earth's magnetic field. We use both independently and in combination with other methods of physiotherapy.












Darsonvalization is based on exposure to pulsed current, which irritates the nerve endings, contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, the release of ozone and nitrogen, which have a therapeutic effect.












Ultrasound therapy is a method in which the movement of an electric current is converted into a mechanical movement with the release of energy that has anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antispasmodic and analgesic effects.















SMT - therapy is the most natural type of exposure since the current potential that affects the body is as close as possible to the biological indicator of electricity in the human body. The procedure triggers an immune response, fights against microorganisms, stimulates substances in the tissues of the body, and has a general strengthening effect.













Aeroionotherapy Natural aeroions are formed under the influence of sunlight and cosmic rays. Their sources are rains, sea surfs, waterfalls, snow storms. Deficiency of light negative ions leads to health problems: headache, nervous system disorder, increased fatigue, and decreased immunity. By the end of the course of aeroionotherapy, 92% of frequently ill children disappear catarrhal symptoms, and 70% irritability decreases or disappears.






















OLM "Medical medical blanket." The technology of the method is based on reducing the effects of external electromagnetic radiation. Wrapped in a blanket, the child is protected, and his own energy (biofield) is redistributed, directing energy to the diseased organ. Thus, the body begins to help itself.











Phototherapy. Laser therapy.Actively used for the rehabilitation of chronic foci of ENT organs and upper respiratory tract, carries biostimulating light energy to the cells of the body.

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Polarized light. It allows for light - color therapy, penetrates to a depth of 3 - 4 cm gives a comfortable warmth to the cell.









Ultraviolet radiation is widely known as a bactericidal agent that increases resistance to infections, which stimulates blood renewal.







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Mud therapy. In mud therapy, we use a new technology: disposable bags with therapeutic silt Saki mud. This living biosystem has a high heat capacity, is rich in a large number of inorganic salts and minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, copper), phenolic substances, organic acids (humic, valerian), vitamins and biologically active substances.



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Balneotherapy (Dry carbonic bath). The use of SUV increases the effectiveness of children's health, reduces the frequency and duration

ARI 2 times. The effect of SUV is multifaceted: the common thing through the respiratory center and local effect is that a moist, warm gas mixture with a high content of CO 2 promotes accelerated absorption of hemoglobin in the blood.






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Hydrotherapy. Hydroaeromassage bathtubs. This is a hydrotherapy method (water treatment), in which the water jet mixes with air bubbles and creates a “bubbling stream”. The water in the bath is painted in different colors (color therapy). A bubbling stream activates all internal processes in the body




















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Heat treatment. Finnish sauna.

This is a therapeutic method for influencing the body of the temperature factor. The mode of weak thermal loads "for preschoolers" is used. We use two methods: thermal treatment and health tempering.




















Fitosauna. Cedar phytocapsule.

Made from ecological pure and fragrant relict wood of 400-year-old Siberian cedars. From ancient times, cedar is considered the best natural doctor. When the capsule is heated, biologically active substances have a beneficial effect on the entire body of the child, healing and hardening it.








Infrared cabin. The main property of an infrared sauna is thermal radiation, which is as close as possible to the thermal radiation of the human body, so that heat penetrates deeply and efficiently into tissues to a depth of 4 cm. Air heating does not occur in an infrared sauna. The body warms up from the inside, a person sweats intensively, emitting then up to 20% of solid substances (toxins). "Bioresonance" of infrared heat triggers the mechanisms of healing and cleansing the body.

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Enteral oxygen therapy (oxygen cocktail).

Oxygen is one of the main sources of energy for the body. Over 90% of the energy is generated through oxygen, and the more we get it, the healthier we become. This is especially important today due to environmental degradation. Oxygen in the form of foam moves through the digestive tract, is absorbed into the blood and lymph, and easily enters tissues lacking it. A vitaminized oxygen cocktail is a delicious technique and a loyal ally for strengthening immunity, healing, hardening and preventing respiratory diseases and colds






LFK - Offices located in each building are equipped with exercise equipment, special equipment: exercise bikes, treadmills, trampolines, fitballs, Swedish walls. Classes are held according to individual programs and group techniques.





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Massage - is widely used throughout the world. We use local and reflexogenic techniques.