TRP Spring City Festival

On May 18, 2019, the Moscow Spring Festival of the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” will be held on the territory of the state budgetary institution “Sports School of the Olympic Reserve“ Moskvich ”of the Moscow Department of Sports and Tourism (Volgogradsky prospekt, 46/15) TRP).

Participants in the TRP complex of all age levels will be able to test their capabilities in different types of tests:

shuttle run 3x10 m;
30 m run
1000 m run, 2000 m run, 3000 m run;
pulling up from a hang on a high crossbar;
pulling from a hang lying on a low crossbeam of 90 cm;
bending and extension of the arms with emphasis lying on the floor;
bending and extension of the arms with emphasis on the gymnastic bench;
flexion and extension of the arms in focus on the chair seat;
weight jerk 16 kg;
leaning forward from a standing position with straight legs on a gymnastic bench;
long jump from place with a push with two legs;
raising the body from a supine position (number of times in 1 minute);
throwing a tennis ball at a goal, distance 6 m;
throwing a ball weighing 150 g;
throwing a sports apparatus weighing 500 g., 700 g.;
swimming 25 m, swimming 50 m;
shooting from electronic weapons.
Everyone is invited to participate in the festival.

To participate, you must have:
identity document (for persons under the age of fourteen, birth certificates or copies thereof);
medical report on admission to the implementation of the standards of tests (tests) of the TRP complex. To perform the swimming test, a separate certificate for the pool, replaceable shoes, swimming accessories;
UIN (unique identification number - assigned when registering on the GTO portal
The uniform is sports.

Festival opening ceremony at 11.00

Details of the event on the site