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Your feedback



I wanted to express my gratitude, and once again note that your sanatorium is one of the best, or rather the best sanatorium that I know. This year I sent you a second child. For the boy before your sanatorium, visiting any sanatorium was a huge stress, and the word sanatorium was perceived with a shudder. However, after staying in the first shift, the child went with joy to the next race and with great pleasure. thanks a lot



I would like to express my deep gratitude to the children's sanatorium No. 68 for the qualifications of the staff, attentive attitude to children. Wonderful staff, doctors, educators, nannies. Varied and delicious food! Great and comfortable area. My daughters underwent a course of treatment, physiotherapy, massage. We plan to come again. Thanks to all the staff for your work and special words of gratitude to the teacher of the 1st senior group Lyubov Vladimirovna, for their patience, approach to children and their parents. thank



Good day. In fact, like all the mothers, I was worried about how my child would be there, but when we arrived for the first time in 2018, and I saw that my son was really interested (there were 6 liters) of events that are remembered for a lifetime and attention and care, and what teachers! By the way, we stayed immediately for one more shift in 2018 and arrived for the next year. Such a warm meeting !!! that the child went without problems! Thanks you!!! Viti's mom. 1 to st group.



We come to this sanatorium 2 times, everything is fine, my daughter 4.6 years old liked it for the first time, agreed to go a second time in the summer. Educators are good, they will answer any question like a child, eat, sleep, how they behave. But the problem with one phone for 3 buildings does not bother me. It’s very difficult to get through ... running from case to case to transfer the only phone every time I need information on a particular child. Dear leaders, please buy phones in each building, they cost a penny .... And parents will be calm and caregivers will stop running forever ... I think many will agree with me. Otherwise, a great sanatorium.



I would like to say a huge human thanks for organizing a wonderful vacation, treatment and nutrition to our children, especially the leader Inna Anatolyevna, Lyubov Alexandrovna for understanding and sensitive attitude not only to children, but also to our parents. Thank you very much for leisure time, sporting events, the Voice of Children contest, Anniversary Day and many other events Anna Vladimirovna, Nadezhda Fedorovna, Valentina Valerievna My great-grandson, Kutsenko Dima (he is in my custody) annually rests and is treated
at 68 sanatoriums, thanks to the head doctor, doctors, and the appointment of the necessary procedures to all medical staff and their approach, my child has not been sick for a year, for which special thanks My child is happy to come to you and does not want to leave. Allow me to congratulate you on Medical Day , wish you all good health, personal happiness and patience with our children Thank you all so much in our difficult time for your work Good luck and prosperity with respect to Khakhalin



I am resting and treated in this sanatorium from 3 years old annually. I want to thank all employees of the sanatorium for the excellent attitude towards children. Especially Inna Anatolyevna, Lyubov Alexandrovna, Valentina Valeryevna, Anna Vladimirovna, Alyona Mikhailovna This is the best sanatorium in the world



In this sanatorium have been more than once. The best sanatorium of all that I know, beautiful playgrounds, incredibly beautifully arranged and clean territory. But the most important thing is the excellent attitude, of all the staff, but in particular the Chief Physician, Inna Anatolyevna Panomareva, Natalya Vladimirovna Novikova, Elena Yuryevna Pankova, and the entire medical teaching staff, and especially
Sokolova Ekaterina Ivanovna incredible kind and sympathetic attitude towards children, we were very generously welcomed with warmth towards children. Thank you very much!!!



I want to express my gratitude to Inna Anatolyevna Panomareva, Doctors Natalya Vladimirovna Novikova, Elena Yuryevna Pankova, very kind, responsible and attentive doctors, they know the problem of the child from and to, Medical and pedagogical staff in particular
Sokolova Ekaterina Ivanovna is a very caring and helpful person. These people taught my children social life and communication with people. There is always a kind, warm and rainbow welcome, children love these people, and as they say: The truth speaks to the baby Rustam. Thank you for being there!



I want to express my deep gratitude to your beautiful sanatorium and its staff! The child rested with you twice and I always note the warmth, comfort and care of this institution. Very attentive doctors, especially I want to note the doctor - pediatrician Pankova Elena Yurievna. Soft, tactful, always listens to the health problems of the child and will certainly try to help! Despite the fact that my child had cases not in the profile of this sanatorium, she still helped us. Thank you so much