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Sometimes, having arrived at the sanatorium, everything in the hustle and bustle of parents “flies” out of their heads, and the questions that spun on the tip of the tongue are simply forgotten and begin to emerge already on the way from the sanatorium. In this section “Questions and Answers” ​​we have prepared for you answers to the most frequently asked questions of parents.

If a child falls ill in a sanatorium?

The chief doctor, Inna Anatolyevna Ponomareva, answers:

He will be immediately provided with medical care. When sending a baby to a sanatorium, parents hope for a new round of his development, the formation of his personal qualities, the development of independence, the complete strengthening of his immunity. Arriving in a children's sanatorium, the child immediately begins to contact with a large number of children. Every child from birth is endowed with a unique set of bacteria that he receives first from his mother, then every day in his family. When a child grows up, his social circle grows, he ends up in a children's team, where he meets a huge number of bacteria new to him. Therefore, the immunity of a child is one of the types of biological memory about what he was vaccinated with and what viruses and infections he has encountered in his life. Children should be sick, this is the norm, because how else will they introduce their body to the world of microbes? For children, it is not considered a pathology to get ARVI several times a year, but some children can recover in three to five days, while others get sick for several weeks with fever and complications with the necessary use of antibacterial drugs.

A child is not always ill from the infections he has encountered, but only when his immunity is weakened, when his immune defense suffers. Its activity directly, especially in children, depends on the emotional state.

This can also happen because the child first encounters a new flora for him (with the carriers of this flora), and this option is not surprising when the child becomes ill after a few days in the absence of obvious visible reasons (from the outside), i.e. all other children in the group are absolutely healthy.

If, nevertheless, the child falls ill in the sanatorium, then he will be provided with all the necessary assistance and round-the-clock supervision of medical personnel. If the condition of the child is stable, then treatment is possible in a sanatorium. In conditions requiring additional examination methods, consultations of narrow specialists or prescribing drugs not provided for in the sanatorium, it is recommended that the child's parents pick up the baby for further treatment.

In special cases, when the baby needs emergency assistance in a hospital, the child is transferred to a specialized medical facility by ambulance.

In any of these situations, a doctor will contact you and inform you about the condition of the child, his illness and ongoing medical activities.

If the child has a food allergy, will the diet be followed?

The dietary sister, Kolodezhnaya Elena Sergeevna, answers:

The diet is respected and is an integral part of spa treatment.

Upon receipt of children, the parents find out the peculiarities of nutrition at home: diet, appetite, the amount of food and its variety, self-service skills. Obligatory is the clarification of intolerance to certain foods, allergies. On the part of parents, it is necessary to report this upon admission. The comfortable stay of the child in the children's sanatorium depends on this.

In each race there are children with food intolerance. This is mainly: eggs, fish, citrus fruits, some cereals, vegetables, milk. Replacement of intolerable products is carried out according to the table “Product Interchangeability in the Preparation of Dietary Dishes”.

The staff of the group and the catering unit are informed by lists of such children. This makes it possible to develop an individual approach to children's nutrition: to exclude or replace some dishes, change the amount of food. The process of feeding children in the sanatorium is carried out with the active participation of medical and pedagogical staff.

Particular attention is paid to the individual purpose of nutrition for children with bronchial asthma, respiratory allergosis, with concomitant skin manifestations of allergies and in cases of hypersensitivity to certain products.

Catering for children is carried out in accordance with current regulatory documents.

On the website of the Children's sanatorium No. 68 you can find our menu in the food section.

Why is it recommended not to visit the child in the early days of arrival?

The deputy head physician for the pedagogical part, Sokolova Lyubov Aleksandrovna, answers:

It is believed that adaptation to the sanatorium of children who previously attended children's organized institutions, on average, lasts 7-10 days, but for someone this period can be extended.

During this period, the baby is especially vulnerable and staff working with children try to load the child with emotions as little as possible, including emotions associated with meeting with parents, as this can negatively affect the child's psycho-emotional state and lead to a breakdown in adaptation.

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