About the sanatorium

ds68 vid

State budgetary healthcare institution

"Children's bronchopulmonary sanatorium No. 68 of the Moscow Health Department" (Pushkino) and its branch (Korolev)

The resort operates year-round, designed for a single stay of 165 children in the city of Pushkino and 100 children in the city of Korolev (branch) aged 3 to 7 years. It carries out the rehabilitation of children not only with bronchopulmonary pathology (bronchial asthma, bronchitis, convalescents, pneumonia), often and long-term sick children, but also with various concomitant pathologies (ENT organs).

Benefits of treatment and recovery:

Rehabilitation activities are of a sanatorium nature. Children receive treatment, rest, development.
Availability. Every child in Moscow can undergo treatment in a sanatorium on a budgetary basis, get advice and necessary treatment.
A wide range of rehabilitation services.
The ability to obtain a large amount of information to parents, legal representatives, which allows to achieve maximum effect in a shorter time.
A complete phased complex of rehabilitation measures allows you to achieve a good effect, to prevent the development of irreversible changes in the lungs.