Educational work

The main purpose of the pedagogical work of the sanatorium is to increase the emotional and mental tone of children who are in recovery in the sanatorium.

The main tasks of the teaching staff:

- Caring for the health of children and creating the necessary conditions for health and recreation for children,

- Identification of the personal merits of each child for his creative development,

- Ensuring a good rest by attracting children to active creative activity,

- Expansion of the cognitive and cultural level of the child,

- Nurturing self-care and environmental friendliness skills.

The sanatorium team creates a meaningful and interesting life for children.

Great leisure activities are being held:

  • Puppet theater;
  • Musical feasts, matinees;
  • Fun games;
  • outdoor games;
  • Sports relays;
  • Competitions.

In addition to educators, the teaching staff includes specialists such as a speech therapist, psychologist, and music director.

The educational activity is carried out in accordance with the objectives of the main general educational program of pre-school education "From birth to school", edited by N.E. Veraks, T.S. Komarova, M.A. Vasilyeva. The program is an innovative general educational document for preschool institutions, prepared in accordance with the Federal State Requirements for the structure of the basic general educational program of preschool education (Order of the Ministry of Education No. 655 of November 23, 2009).

Includes the following areas:

- Social and personal development - socialization, labor, security.

- Cognitive-speech development - cognition, communication, reading fiction.

- Physical development - physical education, health.

- Artistic and aesthetic development - artistic creation, music.

- Forms of conducting classes - group classes, games, leisure, theatrical performances, individual work.